Reimagining the global agri supply chain

According to FAO estimates, there will be 33% more mouths to feed by the year 2050. As one of Asia’s leading post-harvest agri-solution providers, we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

Our flexible supply chain bolstered by emerging technologies, owned warehouses and private-mandis enables:

  • Strong farmer partnerships - We leverage enduring farmer partnerships to source superior quality agri-produce directly from the producers.
  • Demand management - With process-oriented sourcing, we create purchase efficiency and can cater to large demands of global buyers and match their stringent quality standards.
  • Quality agri-exports - With scientific and internationally recognized methods of sourcing, grading and storage, we maintain the original efficacy of our commodities for the end consumer and offer premium products at competitive prices.

Going ahead, we aim to follow a ‘near to the customer’ strategy by building regional hubs across the world and providing one-stop services to our global customers.