Solving the global food security challenge

Every day a billion people go hungry, despite enough food production to feed the entire world. We believe the food security challenge can be addressed by transforming the entire food value chain – from agricultural post-harvest to consumption.

At Staragri, we have an integrated agribusiness model to deliver innovative solutions that maximize yields, ensure scientific food storage and provide inclusive support to farmer communities.:

Improve the supply chain

Foster partnerships between producers, processors and marketers across the agri-value chain to enable farm to fork traceability, and reduce post-harvest losses.

Enhance the agri trade and marketing infrastructure

Make post-harvest markets across India more efficient and open. It gives people access to affordable and high-quality food, helps farmer get better prices, and incentivizes them to continue all-year production.

Facilitate access to finance

Enable farmers to access reliable and affordable financial solutions to unlock the agriculture sector's potential and shield farmers from price volatility.

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