How we leverage technology and automation in our warehouses
February 15, 2022

How we leverage technology and automation in our warehouses

More than 40% of all the food produced across the globe is wasted.

India ranks 102 out of 117 in the Global Hunger Index – one of the reasons is unscientific and outdated storage methods.

Some of the challenges that plague agriculture and related businesses in India:

  • Scarcity of capital sources and formal credit for farmers
  • Lack of insurance, which raises the risk profile of farmers
  • Poor remuneration for farmers
  • Lack of access to adequate transport and storage facilities

The pandemic has further introduced new challenges over the last two years. Disruptions in global supply chains have also led to difficulties in consistency and reliability. Agribusinesses can tackle these challenges by adopting a transformation strategy based on automation and AI technologies.

Technology has the power to simplify farmers’ lives. At StarAgri, we are making the most of it to achieve our goals of food security, sustainable agribusiness value chains and delivering maximum value. Here’s how StarAgri is leveraging technology and automation to deliver modern warehousing solutions that can increase efficiency and reduce post-harvest losses:

Connected network of warehouses

We have a standardized network of warehouses across the country that all stakeholders can access via a single IT platform. It enables real-time visibility, fast data dissemination and real-time transactions for our stakeholders. Thus, they have transparent access to all the information and activities in the supply chain.

Tech-enabled quality control

StarAgri’s 500+ warehouses across India are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that features inbuilt temperature control and humidity management. This helps us provide high-quality storage with protection from pest infestation and spoilage.

Warehousing for the 21st century

Apart from modernizing the physical aspects of our warehouse infrastructure, we have also fitted them with suitable tracking technology and a digital records maintenance system. This adds value to our various storage functions and protects stored commodities.

Quality control services

We use the latest technology to provide multi-disciplinary services to our customers across the agriculture value chain. With a pan-India laboratory network and a comprehensive range of advanced analytical techniques, we help determine the composition, authenticity, origin, traceability and purity of agri commodities. This allows our customers to manage the quality standards of their produce.

Collateral management

Farmers can store their produce as collateral in our modern warehouses and secure loans to finance their business. This also enables them to sell at the right time and right price, giving them an opportunity to raise their income. We have well-defined systems to inspect and verify collateral.

Our robust reporting processes and systems acquire comprehensive information on borrowers and accurately create and assess borrower profiles by determining quantitative and qualitative risk factors. This enables farmers to avail low-cost credit, enhances their risk profile and helps us to execute loans with near-zero default rates.

We firmly believe that warehouse automation and technology is the foundation of a resilient supply chain. We are further strengthening our technology prowess with 24×7 remote monitoring facilities and a well-integrated IT system that provides real-time stock updates across locations to customers with a few clicks.