Partnering with FPOs to build resilience
February 12, 2022

Partnering with FPOs to build resilience

Small and marginal holdings constitute 86.2% of the total cultivable land in India.

GoI has committed resources to form and promote 10,000 new FPOs in the country.

A Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) is an organization of the farmers, for the farmers and by the farmers. It is a legal entity that aims to bring together farmers/producers as a collective to increase farmers’ competitiveness and equip them with better opportunities. It provides support services to farmers such as procurement of quality inputs, finance facilitation, marketing of products, storage, branding, packaging and export management.

Farming and allied activities are critical drivers of India’s economic development, making farmers a crucial part of India’s growth story. StarAgri believes they must get the right opportunities to participate in it and benefit from it. Crises such as the pandemic compound the vulnerabilities of small and marginal farmers, hence they must be supported.

FPOs play a key role in strengthening the farm economy, which is why StarAgri sees a valuable exchange in partnering with them. Together, StarAgri and the FPOs can enhance supply chains and give the farming community a boost. Here’s how we achieve these objectives:

Better storage

Due to its perishable nature, produce comes with a shelf life. This puts small farmers in a disadvantageous position as they have to sell their goods before they are damaged. Most of the time, their production is not enough to leverage common storage solutions. Our partnership with FPOs enables farmers to avail our modern warehouse solutions collectively. This helps them store their produce and rids them of worries. Our comprehensive warehousing solutions are equipped to protect their stock from pest infestation and pilferage. We have stringent processes in place to ensure the physical integrity of their stock, both in terms of quality and quantity. We also provide value-added services like weighing and certification. As a result, farmers enjoy better bargaining power, and we strengthen the country’s resilience by empowering farmers to produce more and reducing food loss and waste.

Financial gains

The appropriate storage solutions allow small and marginal farmers to wait for better prices, enabling them to increase their income. At the same time, our partnerships with financial institutions unlock their access to low-cost credit with their produce as collateral. The easy availability of finance empowers farmers to produce more, invest in new technologies and techniques, and practice land restoration, thereby improving efficiency.

Leverage recovery opportunities

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic’s lows, demand for agri produce will increase. To leverage this new and growing demand, farmers will need to expand production. Therefore they will require better cashflows, more storage facilities and robust logistics support. FPOs will play a pivotal role in facilitating these. By partnering with FPOs, we can provide additional services like:

  • Agri testing such as grain analysis, chemical tests and microbiological tests to maintain the superior quality of the produce
  • Logistics and warehousing solutions for extensive forward and backward integration with the farming community
  • An electronic marketplace where FPOs can interact with buyers, and end customers can converge for fair prices and deals

By developing robust partnerships with FPOs, we can build a strong agriculture value chain and contribute to rural India’s socio-economic resilience.